Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Make With The Happy

Just got home from Ry's gymnastics, where it was Parent's Picture Day. All the mommies got to crowd into the gym to watch our little Nadia's up close and personal. Naturally, I'm the ONLY one wielding a camcorder (can't miss even a second!!), thus making my child the one to get in trouble all class long.

I'm just gonna go ahead and type up a form letter to all her teachers: "Congratulations! You are now the temporary safekeeper of the Diamond In The Rough -- and trust, us she's very rough. She will push your buttons, make you tell her 2 and 3 and 4 and 5, etc. times what you do/do not want her to do, and then she'll make you explain why you do /do not want to her to do it 2 and 3 and 4 times, etc. You will be tempted to pull out your hair in frustration, but right as you get a good grip, she'll hug you and use those impeccable manners of hers and you will be dazzled by the brilliance that is Ryan Elizabeth. Then she'll ask you if you can see her buttcrack, and you'll be right back where you started. Have fun, sucker!!!"

Right now we are clawing (literally) our way through a playdate with one of her buddies from gymnastics. They love each other very much, except when they are the only 2 kids around and thus required to entertain each other through sharing. I believe the "sharing" part is where we hit a tiny snag. For all intents and purposes, both of them are "only children", so sharing is still a bit of a foreign concept. Along with this challenge, we're also dealing with the "everything here is boring" syndrome. Cue Mommy running from room to room throwing out ideas "How about Yahtzee?" , all met with exuberant "Yeah's!", followed shortly thereafter with "We're bored!!". I've tried to coax them into sitting mindlessly in front of the tv and watching a Christmas movie, except that has only led to the age-old quarrel of who gets to sit where. I think we've finally achieved some level of zen, because all I'm hearing now are giggles and whispers coming from the bathroom, interrupted only by the occasional sound of rushing water.

Hang on -- I just heard the ever-fateful combo of shrieking/laughing/"shhh -- don't tell her!" whispering. Wish me luck...

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