Thursday, December 1, 2005

A(nother) Star Is Born

Sweet Mother of Jesus, I think I may have bred 2 of them. Ry needs to look out -- Jax is close on her heels as new attention-seeking wonder-baby. Took kids to storytime today, when after sucking down his bottle, Jax erupted with 2 make-your-daddy-proud belches, which of course set the ENTIRE room into fits of laughter (parents and storylady included). Not sure if it was the man-size burping or jolly dimpled- laugh of his that followed, but they were eating it up.

Only problem: So was Jax.

Aparrently he had "caught the bug", because the rest of storytime saw (or heard) him doing his Tarzan thing every 5 minutes. He was all sweet smiles and winks while they were watching and laughing, but when their attention waned, the screaming and yelling commenced.

Not a problem. Mommy works out, therefore VERY capable of sprinting back and forth between seat and door/hallway. I'm sure that wasn't distracting at all...

P.S. Successfully got out of library without any contact with Book-Nazi, nor scolding from any of the guardians of literature. However, did find large rip in first book we picked up -- will be sure to LEAVE A NOTE when returning. ;)

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