Monday, December 12, 2005


Ryan has a thing with us keeping our door open at night while she's in bed and we're up watching TV. Shawn always "forgets" to do this, and thus has just been admonished by Her Royal Scaredycat.

"Ugggh! I TOLD you to keep the door open!!" (pushing the doors to their limits and stomping away)

Shawn: "What is the deal with that?"

Me: "Oh, I totally relate. This is equivalent to my sisters and I only feeling safe enough to fall asleep if we could hear our parents watching TV downstairs. Didn't you do the same kinda thing?"


Shawn: (shrugging) "Naw, I just kept a baseball bat under my bed."

Naturally. The guy exudes testosterone (either that or it's the grease from all the BBQ...). Seriously, does he HAVE a weakness??


Peakah said...

I hate when I forget to shut the door when mommy and I do Mommy and Daddy private things...

She can get quite noisy...

Ginger said...

Yes, he has a weakness, and her name is....Ryan:)