Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"C'mon and take a free riiide..."

Ok, lots I wanted to divulge, but since I'm TOTALLY computer-retarded and had to re-do my whole template (don't ask), I'm just gonna cut it short. I still have 2 kids to bathe and bed, kitchen to clean, cookies to bake, PLUS it's South Park/Project Runway tonite, and I really can't cancel on that, so...

The kids and I were bored today. I was not at all intrigued by Ry's suggestion of playing Magical Princess Journey, and she was less-than-enthused with my idea of sitting and reading quietly. Could be that she's only 3, but whatever...

So we high-tailed it to the mall, which was stupid stupid stupid. When you are a SAHM trying desperately to cling to a "normal" existence while remaining on a budget that a shoestring would laugh at, the mall is NOT the place to be. Especially not 11 days before Christmas.

"Retail Therapy" only works when you have $$$ to spend, and we don't. So, we walked around for a while, playing the old make-believe game created by my sisters and I when we were young and penniless. It goes something like this: The Mall is really our house, and each store belongs to one of us. Now pick the ones you want.

Most of the choices were gimme's, though we did battle over the Cookie Store and Victoria's Secret (she thinks its pretty. French Madam, anyone??). She won out on both. I didn't need the cookie cals, and she insisted the items in VS were "only for Princesses, not old Mommies". Snarky little b*tch.

Yeah, so that lasted a little while until we hit the Mother Lode: Disney Store, where I was (as always) regaled with shrieks of "You never get me anything!! I'm so done with you!!" This launched a 5 minute boycott of any conversation at all with Mommy, until we saw Santa Claus, and all was forgotten.

We did the Santa thing -- "No pics, please..she just wants to sit & chat, thank you." For the love of Pete, those things cost $20 min. now! For 1/2 that I could put a costume on Shawn and take my own damn pics (and we ALL know he'd do it, too). Anyway, Kris Kringle came off as a little too much of a "Chester" (IYKWIM*winkwink*) for Mommy's taste, so off we quickly headed to the Food Court/Game Zone.

After digging through my bag for, oh, 8 minutes or so, it became horrifying obviously that I was without change/cash of any kind. Not good when venturing into Game Zone. She wasn't really all that keen on just sitting on the non-moving buses/cars/"rollercoasters", etc..., so I suggested she "find one with a kid already on it who's Mommy did come prepared and bum a ride, man." *MOTY Alert* What??? I ALWAYS let other people's kids snag rides when we're there (shut up, I do). Anyway, no one complained, she was happy, and we left in high spirits.

Tomorrow's Itinerary: Storytime at the library, followed by sampling at Sam's and then on to the Y for 2 hours of free babysitting/free time. Work it, baby, work it...

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