Monday, December 5, 2005


n. An expert with words.

See: Ryan Elizabeth York.

Ryan's grasp of the English language is both amusing and befuddling. Take, for instance, her versions of the words FLUFFY and GLITTERISH:

1. (fluffy): "Mom, at night my room gets all fluffy and it scares me." Translation: Shadows appear at night and they freak me out.

2. (glitterish): "Ouch!! There's something wrong with my foot -- it feels glitterish." Translation: My foot has fallen asleep, but no one has taught me this concept yet, so I have taken it upon myself to label it as best I see fit; hence, glitterish.

Mommy's fave part of all of this? The elation I feel at understanding exactly what she's trying to tell me -- like being in Mexico, slaughtering the language and using hand gestures until someone finally understands and directs me to the bathroom, thus creating an unbreakable bond of friendship and comraderie; that is, until I realize they've sent me to the Men's Restroom -- then all bets are off...but you get the idea.

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