Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Bored Much?

Yippee! Snow Day! Well, as close to a snow day as you can get in Central Texas, but nevertheless, the weather man did say not to travel unless necessary, so...SNOW DAY!!!

This is how we spent our morning. Don't be jealous.

It was actually muy bueno, going on adventures with my little cowgirl princess -- we shut all the blinds, turned off all the lights, and crawled from room to room, under the beds, and into spoooooky closets with just the aid of our trusty maglite. (The same maglite that I keep hidden under my bed in case of intruders -- this thing is a monster). Jax tagged along as well, though judging from the pics, he didn't seem to enjoy himself quite as much as we did. Cest la vie!

Gotta go jump in the shower -- I guess needing to take your kid to the doctor for fear of possible ear infection/returned wheezing would constitute as "necessary", right?

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