Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In Which I Show You How to Get Your Money's Worth

Ry's surgery went swimmingly this morning, from prepping her at home to gasing her to sleep, right up until it was time for her to wake up from the drug-induced coma. That, alas, took not a little kicking and screaming, but we made it out and home and all is well (for the next hour, I mean -- not wanting to jinx myself, God, okay?).

Jax's attack of Fifth's has now developed into something much more violently disgusting, hivish, and all around pissed-off looking. He's also been tugging at the old ear, which, right, Mr. ENT?, so since we're here and all, can you please just look in his ears and make sure it's not what I think it is? Thanks ever so much.

Ears all clear, now back to the rash. Did I mention how it has grown arms, legs, antennae and all? Well, it has, more or less. Did I also mention that Shawn couldn't get out of his meetings today to be there for Ry's surgery (though he did sneak out for a bit to see her in recovery), so Menana and Big Daddy drove down to lend support. Did I also mention that they are the most bestest Menana and Big Daddy EVER, and were kind enough to run Jax across the city to his pediatrician to have that rash checked out while I waited for Ry to wake up from surgery?

Not surprisingly, the DOCS have (say it with me now), "No idea what it could be", so they just plugged him with Benadryl and sent them on their way. Fine by me. He'll sleep, she'll sleep, I'll pretend to sleep, and we'll all live to see another day (again, not trying to jinx anything Big Guy, don't get your panties in a wad).


J said...

Oh my, hope all is better soon and the kids feel all well!

Shah said...

I'm glad both tube procedures are done! Hang in there with the Fifth's!

Kristin said...

my last 5 visits to urgent care have had exactly the same diagnosis: "Must be some kind of virus. That will be $45 please."

I'm a big fan of the Benadryl!

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

At least you are smart enough to go to Urgent Care rather than the ER, where it's, "$100, please!"

If only there were a thinking device installed somewhere on my body to help me make smarter decisions...