Tuesday, May 9, 2006

God Bless Runny Noses and Rashes

Hello? Anyone? Bueller? Is this thing on?


This is our official 2nd day back from our mini-vacay, and finally, finally, I feel back to "normal".

Phoenix was wonderfully warm and DRY, and we managed to squeeze just about everything into 3 days, with the exception of a Suns game and hiking, 2 things that would have been cool, but were not really missed, so to speak.

I won't describe the fun, fabulous things we did in much detail, because how much fun can a story without pictures be? Wait? No pictures? Well, there was this one, and that one there (taken solely for Ryan's sake).

No pics of Betty the Bus-Driving River Hag, no pics of the un-freakin-believable view of the mountains as we floated the Salt River, no pics of Mill Ave. and the yummy My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. Nope. Nada.

Oh, wait. Here. Here's a pic of the girls being drunk and disorderly at The Big Bang, courtesy of Cince de Mayo. And yes, we did manage to start a fight amidst most of the crowd -- we asked the kind dueting pianists to please, oh pleaase declare that "Texas Rules". In Arizona. Then, we proceeded to scream and holler, just in case they weren't quite sure who the asshole out-of-towners were, while everyone else just kinda, you know, booed and stuff. Ahhh, memories.

But now I'm back, and OH. AM. I.BACK. Those 3 days in Phoenix were completely trouble-free, and I was LOSING MY MIND. Luckily, the minute I stepped out of the airport and was once again enveloped in the heat and humidity, the universe adjusted: my bottle of rubbing alcohol(you know, to even out the orange mystic-tan spots) exploded in my bag, I had to lug my non-wheeled, ginormous, college-student duffle bag a MILE to the truck (which we FINALLY found 20 minutes later), and then proceeded to toss it blindly into the truck's water-filled bed.

Meanwhile, Jax is still sick, Ry has developed a mysterious rash, and we have an
elective (read: payable up front) operation scheduled tomorrow morning at
7:30 am (read: arrive at 6).

There's no place like home.

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