Friday, May 5, 2006

Happy Cinco De Mayo

So we took the kids tonight to meet Menana and BigDaddy at our family tradition trade-off spot, Rosie's Tamale House. Ryan had never actually been inside to eat and since we had, like, grown up there, Jen and I were pointing out the decor (still going strong 20 years later, with the exact same Wille Nelson picture I kissed in 6th grade, but that's a different post altogether), when Ryan looked up at one of the hanging birds and announced to the table,

"Look! There's a big 'ole cobweb on the ceiling! Just like at home!!"

That said (and not at all denied) we left her and Jax in the care of the elders and are packing to leave for Arizona in the morning.

If only all of you were as lucky as Lea Ann.


H.A.Page said...

Tamale House? Tamale House? Can you just wave a magic wand and send it up here to NYC?
My mouth watered just reading this post.

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Girl, you have NO idea. Seriously, if you can get them to ship it to you, it would totally be worth the inflated Fed-Ex prices!!