Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial-Father's Day!

In another of my excellent mothering moves, I've managed to move Father's day up a few weeks, and have totally mangled the meaning of Memorial Day for the kids.

A while back, Shawn said he wanted a new golf club for Father's Day, seeing as how he managed to lose his during one of his golfing "expeditions".

Faced with a 3-day weekend alone with the kiddos (aka: desperately searching for "fun and meaningful" activities), I thought I'd be proactive and go ahead and get Shawn's gift early. So there we are, traipsing around the sporting goods store, searching for just the right club. I was so proud -- I'd done my research, I knew just what brand he used, I'd brought my coupon -- I was NOT AT ALL INTIMIDATED.

I let Ryan pick between the 2 identical clubs, and we were off.

Here's where the MOTY part comes: I then explain to Ry that "Daddy is bummed about never being able to spend a holiday weekend with us, so we are gonna give him an early Father's Day surprise, and give him his club today, because although this weekend we celebrate Memorial Day which honors all the war veterans who have fought so hard for our freedom, we're giving him his Father's Day present, so it's not really Father's Day, it's Memorial Day, but when you give him the gift, say 'Happy Early Father's Day!' Okay???"

*vacant stare*

Cut to the delivery of the gift, and Shawn's uuber-surprised response:

Him: "What is this?"
Me: "It's a Driver! It's the one you needed, remember?" *DUH*
Him: "No. I lost my putter. I need a putter." *DUMBASS*
Me: "Oh. Whatever."


shawn said...

Great "research" their, baby!

Lea Lea said...

Hey genius it is "there" not "their" ...must be something in the water! LOL