Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"His legs flail about as if independent from his body!"

Jax's surgery was successful this morning (according to THE SURGEON -- if that is his real name). He had promised us that once the tubes were inserted in Jaxson's ears, he would be like a whole new baby -- babbling away, mobile to the nth degree, etc. -- all because before the tubes, he had only 10% hearing.

So we're all, "Well, he already babbles with the best of 'em -- much more than any of the average babbling babies, and he's totally got the walking thing down (even if it is uncannily similar to the Cosby Walk), so DAMN, can you imagine what this big new change is going to do? He'll be INVINCIBLE!!! Oh, and there will be that whole thing about no more ear infections and all, but MAN he's gonna be like the superest baby ever!!!"

Which is why I was on pins and needles this morning after he awoke from his post-surgery snooze, awaiting all the greatness of a clear-eared baby. (Gen Xer here -- we are nothing if not impatient)

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

His appetite still intact, his ability to thrash his upper body around in fits of rage still strong, and yes, he's walking, but HELLO! Where is my new and improved Bionic Baby? Where are the complete sentences, full of grammatical correctness and perfect syntax? And why is he not leaping buildings in a single bound? Ho-hum.

I will say, however, that this new 100% hearing sensation-thing has yielded some frightening dance moves that can only be described as a hybrid of early Elvis and that Lord of the Dance dude. Seriously, I was afraid he was actually going to wriggle his way out of his carseat, all without flinching even one upper torso muscle.

Okay, I'll settle for greatest below-the-waist-dancing baby ever...if I have to.

*super-pouty, super-spoiled, super-sized Mom Sigh*

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Lisa said...

I'm glad Jax made it through ok. Good luck