Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A Lighter Shade of Pale

Here's why we are about to go even farther into debt to take a vacation we can't afford, OR
"Eat Your Heart Out Mastercard":

3 same-day doctor's visits: $60

Meds to correct 3 ear infections, 1 allergy attack, 1 case of bronchialitis and 1 perforated/bacteria-ridden ear drum: $100

Ear surgeries for 2 ridiculously ill offspring: $3,000

Replacement for car window shattered by Medical Center's landscaping weedeater-attack: $0

Full-on Psycho Mommy Meltdown in middle of Medical Center parking lot: PRICELESS


Lisa said...

is Jax on any kind of allergy meds? Does he have asthma?

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

They JUST put him on Zyrtec yesterday, and while they insist that just because he's had RSV doesn't mean he has asthma, I'm pretty sure it does, seeing as how almost every time he gets sick we have to give him treatments. Fun, no?

Lisa said...

Zyrtec is good, my son is on it. Singular is also great with the zyrtec. Do you have a lung doc? I can't spell what they are called. We were not told that my son had asthma until he was in hospital over night. He was two. He also had alot of the same issues Jax does. Hopefully the zyrtec will help. A T&A helped my son ALOT, but then again he had sleep apena too. LOL Life is great with sick kids. :)