Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where in the World

Is my freakin' digital camera? It's old, silver, and the battery hatch cover-thingy is held on with tape. Should anyone see it, please return. I have several end-of-year celebrations to capture digitally, so as to be able to display for you fine folks, and instead I'm over there clicking away with my $4.00 disposable number. Otherwise, you would now be viewing Ryan's right butt cheek as she ceremoniously walked up to the Olympic-model grandstand to accept her medal in her red and white showgirl spangled leotard, or the before-and-after of Jax's scalping today.

It also doesn't help my ego at all that we are the ONLY parents without a Nikon/Cannon/Sony XLS Series 2647 WITH 10-pound zoom lens attachment. Not that our ghetto-fabulous digital number is all that, but at least it's not plastic.

P.S. An update on the whole health-thing: Ry's CBC was normal, just an unusual case of Fifth's. Not sure what the hard mass in my eye is, but it doesn't hurt that much anymore, although I am seeing a neurologist tomorrow for the burning/tingling/numbness in my left sback/shoulder/arm & hand. As for Shawn, we don't know when the cataract surgery will be, but we are certain it will be this year, because after Ry's $1220 out-of-pocket operation, the goddamn deductable has been met, and we're gonna milk it, baby.

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Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

ummmm, next time I complain about losing something, please remind me to look under the huge pile of laundry accumulating on my computer chair. Camera has been found, pics will follow.