Thursday, June 1, 2006

Our Own Private Idahoan Fantasy Vacation

Eh? What's that you say? Fantasy Vacay... in Idaho?? Believe it, Baby. In our wildest summer dreams, this is what we would be doing the second week in August. And yes, we would be bringing the miniature Yorkies.

Why? Oh, I suppose I would be remiss not to acknowledge that we thrive on masochism, but by now I'm sure that goes without saying. More to the point, we fantasize a road trip of National Lampoon's notoriety, and who are we to pass up such a fitting opportunity?

Basically, the most rockin' band in the world will be playing there, and although collectively we've seen them several times, and although they're based in New Braunfels and play around here all the time, we've never seen them in Idaho, so there you go. (Right about now you're wishing you lived in my head, aren't you? Really, it's such a fun place to be.)

But that's just the end for which we are justifying the means, when in fact, it really should be the other way around. I planned our fantasy vacay last night, and here are some of the stops I thought we'd make:

The Wizard of Oz Complex in Liberal, KS; The North Pole ("Where everyday is Christmas!") in Cascade, CO; and, naturally, Yellowstone Park.

You tell me that little girl of ours wouldn't absolutely LOVE that trip. I mean, aside from the over 24 hours in a car bit, wouldn't it rock????

Alas, the Gas Overlords have rendered our Fantasy Vacay just that: a fantasy.

I hope they're happy.

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Anonymous said...

Those crazy gas overlords...I'd even let you stay with us to save on hotels...we'll be living up in Pocatello in August! Marc keeps promising to take me & the kids to the North Pole every time we're in CO, but alas, still haven't made it there! - Marie