Friday, June 16, 2006

"When it rains it typhoons", OR, "Is it just me or is my head about to explode?"

Wondering where I've been, have ya? I've been cleaning! And for once, I actually have something to show for it!! Granted, it's only day 6 of this new program, but my house is still neat and orderly, and by now it would be as much a wreck as my mind and nerves are.

FLY orders me to wake early (earlier than the kids -- which is REALLY early), except Jax keeps waking up earlier and earlier cause he's got the runs, so no matter how early I set the alarm, it's never early enough. Yesterday I was feeding them breakfast at 5 am. I mean, c'mon!

We're trying to get Ry into the routine of sleeping in her own bed, which means we're bribing her, but she gets up 2 times a night, so we walk her back, lay with her a while, then do it all over again a few hours later.Jax intermittenly crys out throught the night, moost likely becasue he's not eating his dinner, which is not so hard to deal with at Ryan's age, but you just try prying that little boy's mouth open and shoveling in the food -- not as easy as I make it look. The other morning (you know, the 5 am breakfast call), he was so hungry he threw a fit that would have scared the shit out of Linda Blair and her spinning head.

Long short, week's been hectic, but not as bad as it could be. Speaking of which, gotta go unload the dishwasher and shine that shink!!! (FUCKWAH????)

More tonight...

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Vicki said...

I haven't tried Fly Lady but I am doing another program to get clean and organized. lol, now if I can just keep it up!