Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Look What We Got!!!

Lea Ann recently went to Hawaii, and in her ever-present state of generosity *snicker,snicker*, she brought back some gifts. The best? This outfit for Jax, in which he channels Rodney Dangerfield.

Then Mom and Dad went to visit the Great Giving Wonder, and while they were there Mom and Lea picked up this little number for Ry. (Which, by the way, is fancier than ANYTHING I've got in my closet!) The picture does not do the dress justice (neither does the pose, but I digress ) The tulle and lace skirt could just as easily been made of confectioner's sugar, the satin hand-beaded belt is sick, and that fact that it came via airmail from Neiman Marcus, on the hanger, covered in plastic and wrapped in tissue guarantees she will never ever be allowed to eat, drink, walk, breathe, or get anywhere near her brother while wearing it.

Needless to say, she imagines herself Glenda (please, you don't think Glenda ever camped it up?), which led to a viewing of the Wizard of Oz, in which I was made to say everyone else's part while she pranced around in beaded shoes and a half angel halo/half devil horns number. (cause Glenda did have a bit'o the Wicked in her, no?)

Speaking of which, the kid has almost every line of that movie completely ingrained -- she's got the soundtrack, and listens to it every night. Every. Night. Sometimes more than once. In fact, in the Great Quest to Sleep Alone, I am often called in during the dead of night to cuddle and, yes, restart the Wizard of Oz.

And she's not the only one -- she can put Jax out like a light with her sweet rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow at bedtime. Let's just keep that from Shawn, shall we?


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE both pics!!!! God bless Jax is AWESOME in his aloha gear!! UMMM the dress is a work of art and it almost took an act of congress to find it in her size. You can NOT sell this dress on Ebay...FYI! I can see the wheels in your pretty little head spinning already! I hope that they both enjoy the gifts...did Ryan like her candle???

The Ever Generous Aunt Lea Lea

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

I so almost put in the warning from Mom, "I better NOT see this on Ebay!!" I am shocked - SHOCKED - that you two think I would do that. SHOCKED!!