Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why do I always post on days when no one's reading??

Got some tidbits for ya, nothing above-the-fold worthy, but they're mine, and I'm sharing.

We had what very well may be the shittiest of all our shitty moments this morning, after my parents fed Jax coleslaw last night. 3 words: CHUNKS, FLOOR, BINKY. That's all I'm sayin'...

Ryan and I had a fun little converse earlier as I was making Peanut Butter and Jam Tarts (and yes, they're as good as they sound). I had asked her to take a dishwasher detergent tab over to the neighbors as a thank you for letting me borrow some earlier in the week. Ryan was going to see if the girls could play, and since I knew that was all she was really focused on, I asked her to repeat the phrase I had instructed her to say: "My Mommy says thanks for the detergent." Only problem was, I was stuffing my face at the time, so it actully came out more like "dahfurrshant", which she parrotted back to me perfectly. I swallowed, and said, "Okay, say it with me: De-ter-gent." She did and was sent merrily on her way.

When she returned about 10 minutes later, I asked her why the girls couldn't play, and she mumbled something vague, so I asked again. And again. Still not understanding, I asked one more time, to which she replied, "Say it with me, Mom: They're having B-U-S-Y T-I-M-E. Gaw." Oh, so we're there already huh?

Last but not least, Shawn informed me yesterday that he doesn't want me telling Ryan the name of the medicine I take (say it with me, P-R-O-Z-A-C). I told him I wasn't ashamed of it, it helps me not recreate Faye Dunaway's most famous role (in my book), and besides, everyone else is doing it.

"Are you embarrassed?", I asked.

"No. I just don't want her running off telling other kids that her Mommy takes Prozac."


"Because they might tell their parents." *stupid, stupid man*

"Hi. My name is Amy. Have you read my blog? No? It's that little thing where I tell the world all about our problems and stuff. I regularly mention the Happy Pills, and I'm pretty sure all of Ry's friends mom's read it."

He responded by rolling his eyes. I responded by saying, "Now see, without the 'zac, I'd have your balls in a vise right now, but since I'm sittin' pretty, I'm just going to laugh, breathe deep, and make fun of you later on that blog you don't read."

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