Saturday, June 3, 2006

Nothing New To Report

Except that Jax took a tumble today, and all I can say is, "Whoa." Head bruised, upper lip swollen, knot on chin...and it was only a 3 stair fall. Can you imagine if he'd made it the whole way up? I shudder.

And don't lecture me on the whole baby gate thing. Kid rips them down. Literally out of the wall, as a matter of fact. Multiple times. I've got the holes to prove it.

Boys.are.hard. This one is anyway. Everything he does is HARD. He falls, it's HARD. He hits, it's HARD. He screams, it's HARD. He laughs, it's HARD. You get the idea.

I've been mystified over this the past few weeks, and when discussing with my friend she reminded me that males are born slightly brain-damaged, so I guess that explains it all.

Except that we females are the ones who love on them, nurture them, and eventually end up married to them, so what does that say about us?

Never mind, don't answer that.

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