Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello, Friend

This is how Ryan addresses every child she comes in contact with. Even the ones whose names she knows. Even the ones who she has literally just laid eyes on.

It's always, "Friend, do you want to play?" or,"Bye Friend! See you later!!"

And while this used to irritate me, I have since unclenched and come to realize just how sweet this term of endearment truly is. Whether the children share Ryan's embrace or run in terror from her kisses, the fact that she always addresses them as "friend" must make them feel pretty special.

Except for that one chick who stared back at Ryan, rolled her eyes, and declared, "You're weird." I'm reserving a special seat right next to me for that one -- in HELL.


Missi said...

Aw, well, that girl just doesn't
know what she is missing does she?

Anonymous said...

F**k that stupid twirp!!!...Just point her out ot me and we won't be hearing from her anymore!!! Ryan is AMAZING and FRIENDLY, she is not intimidated by anyone and wants to INCLUDE everyone in her fun! You have no idea how RARE this quality is these days! She is the COOLEST kid I have ever known!

- A VERY PROUD Aunt Lea Lea