Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stop me. Stop me NOW.

Great. I'm becoming one of those parents.

Shawn took Ry to swimming today, and when they returned they told me she had been moved to a different group, because her teacher didn't think she was ready to be in the class for which she was registered.

I was IRATE. "Not ready? NOT READY???" She spent all last week in that class, and they never said a word to me! She was doing everything the other kid was doing. What the HELL? Forget it. We're not going anymore."

Shawn quickly jumped in at the idea of good money paid for nothing. "That's stupid Amy. She's still gonna learn stuff."

"Yeah, but in this other class they were doing so much more, there were only 2 kids, and her level of improvement was huge after just one week."

It was in the middle of this tirade, as I was cleaning the windows, that I saw the reflection of my large vein just a-poppin', took a deep breath, and in that moment, realized that while I was throwing a tantrum about the new swim class, Ryan was jumping up and down, trying to tell me all about her new friends and what they did and how much fun they had. And that's when I realized:

I'm one of THOSE parents. Someone save my children (and their teachers, friends, employers...).


Vicki said...

lol, been there. Good that she is making some new friends!!

elisa said...

Welcome to the club of being the parent you didn't want to see coming when you were a teacher. I have become one of the founding members!