Monday, January 16, 2006

The One Where I Lament. Again.

Jax has begun walking with his toy stride'n ride car. Obviously, I use the term walking loosely; nevertheless, he's become increasingly mobile, forcing our hand with the whole baby gate thing. The worst part of these gates isn't the fact that my son clearly feels he's being incarcerated, seeing as how everytime I shut the damn thing, he starts wailing; rather, it's actually the fact that I'm completely pissed about this monstrously hideous obstruction that's destroying the ambience of my otherwise gentle, welcoming home. I've worked my ass off to achieve this "lived-in" feel. What good is a cluttered, messy home if you can't see it without having to peer through bars?

He' also got an ear infection -- let's hear it for making it 9 months!! Unfortunately, he is about to be introduced to the wonderful world of antiobiotics. WooHoo! We had NO IDEA that he was sick, by the way. He has been snotty for, oh, let's say the past 4 months, accompanied by coughing and ear pulling. Everytime we brought him in, we were told he was fine, ears clear as can be -except for that whole RSV nonsense. Anyway, we are now searching our memories for some outstanding clues we should have caught, but it looks like we're just dealing with one of those blessed, blessed (though a touch scary) kids who never really act sick. He's a tough one, that's for sure...

Meanwhile,Ryan has been pretty well-behaved these last few days. I guess taking an Abuela to the face does that to a normally hyper-active almost-four-year-old. Speaking of which, OMIGAAH, to my dismay I have suddenly realized that my baby girl is no longer a baby. I can no longer chalk her naughtiness up to "a phase" -- pretty soon, it's going to be an actual personality trait (as if it isn't already). I suppose this means I have to start being a real Mom now -- no more swearing, no more egging her on, no more fun for me whatsoever. I would be bored by this predicament if I weren't scared shitless.

For the love of Pete, where has the time gone?

Ryan will be in kindergarten in a year-and-a-half; she's practically a teenager. Plus, now that Jax is more or less walking he may as well be shopping for a contract in the majors.

How long after having the baby does the "baby weight" I gained cease to be "baby weight", becoming merely my "new fat ass and droopy boobies"? Just wondering.

I'll be 29 in March. Need I elaborate?


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Anonymous said...

Amy you are not FAT!! Anyway you are married what do you care?

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

umm, my husband works all day every day in a very popular restaurant in a very upscale part of Austin -- lots of liposuction and botox, babe. Just 'cause I snagged him doesn't mean I'm done -- now I gotta keep him! Not the eaiest task when most days he comes home to find me still in my pj's, covered in spit-up, snot, and God-knows-what-else. That's all I'm sayin'...

P.S. Thanks Daddy -- you're the best!