Monday, January 30, 2006

New Developments From the World of Poor Mothering

Overheard today in the car --

Ryan: (looking at scratch on her arm) "I really hate this fucking boo-boo." Sweet

Jax has finally rid himself of the cursed ROTOVIRUS (duhduhDUHHHH!!! That's for all my wussy friends who opted NOT to come in this weekend because they were scared of my kids. I've told them all about you. And trust me, you didn't come off as "good". *wink*). How do I know? He has beautiful mushy, not-at-all-runny poo. Hooray for Poo!!!!

MOTY Tip: When struggling to get a seperation-anxiety ridden baby back to sleep at 4 in the morning, let him cry it out for about an hour, or until the cries re-awaken you. Then, when you go to him to give him his binky, he'll be so worn out from screaming, he'll pass right out.

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McBeth said...


Reminds of when my (now-16 yr old man-child) first began emitting his own goodies, and usually in the very places I SO didn't want to have them spoken.

"Dahmit, dahmit, dahmit!"
In church.

So glad to read your cheeky take on parenting. I found you via Blogs by Woman, to which I also belong. I'll be bahk. : )