Thursday, January 12, 2006

When Good Princesses Go Bad

So here's how the day began:

Ry: "Mom, Sleeping Beauty's lyyyiiiinnng!"
Me: "mmbbbgg,bbggftjhfffpht" (shuffling/hobbling to coffee maker)
Ry: "MOM!"
Me: *big fat Mom-sigh* "What's she lying about?"
Ry: "Well, she ripped Snow White's face off and now she's lying about it."
Me: "uuuggghhhh" *crawling back to bed*
Ry: "MOM! Tell her not to lie. Say, 'We don't lie, Sleeping Beauty! Say it!!"

In related news, I plan on asking the doctor for a new, larger supply of painkillers when I go for my foot tomorrow. Just so ya know...

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