Friday, January 27, 2006

You Gotta Have Friends

Right, so I'd first just like to thank those of you who commented, sent emails, called, or just said a little prayer for our family this week. All of it was very much appreciated, and it's so nice to see how truly rich we are.

I've been thinking about friends a lot lately, especially since 2006 has thus far brought us severe illness, broken bones, and a lot of sleepless nights. I would like to let a few of the people who have truly sacrificed for us this year in all of our trials know hoe much they are appreciated -- My Mom, Ninny, and Elisa, to be specific. (A little too Chicken Soup for ya? I understand, but bear with me -- or just scroll down for the funny.)

So obviously we have a life filled with people ready and willing to help us at a moment's notice, but those 3, due to proximity or not, have truly been lifesavers for all of us, especially this past month.

When I was growing up, my Mom had a best friend who lived across the street (Mrs. P). They love each other; time and distance have yet to keep them too far apart, and they truly have been each other's rocks. My mom always assured me that I would find my own "Mrs P" when I had kids and a home of my own, but until just recently, I wasn't quite so sure.

I'm a tad, how do you say -- abnormal? And while I personally think all of my quirks are FABULOUS, other Moms think, "not so much". When Elisa moved in almost 2 years ago!, I thought, "Wow. She's gorgeous, holy, and SO out of my league." Plus, her kids are a few years older than mine, so while I figured we'd get along well, I didn't really think we'd be best buds.

Turns out, when you mix a broken foot with Christmas Break and two needy kids, wonderful things CAN happen. She quite literally became my right hand (or should I say foot?), DEMANDING I let her help me out, despite all of my stubborn, independent tendencies otherwise. Slowly but surely, our friendship had culminated to this point, and I now consider her to truly be one of my closest confidants. I am so grateful that she moved in, so grateful that she is who she is, and sooo grateful that she thinks I'm pretty okay, too. While I hate to jump to conclusions (and learned my lesson long ago regarding fast friends), I feel that whether or not she really becomes my "Mrs. P", she has become my "Miss E", and that's more than enough.

I know they say that you shouldn't try to be friends with your kids, and I completely get it, but I'm so glad that that rule vanishes when you grow up, because I wouldn't thrive without my Mom as a friend, and not just my mama. I would have no clue how to be the greatest MOTY ever (shut it) without her knowledge, I would not still be teetering on the safe side of sanity without her support, and I may not even have the excellent marriage I have without her advice. Most importantly, I wouldn't have someone I would absolutely be certain would drop everything and drive 90 minutes to be at my side, emergency room or not. She takes care of my kids better than I ever could, and while many women out there tend to become extra-possessive when it comes to their kids and their own mothers, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everytime I let my Mom step in and help out (read: take over), it is 100% in the best interest of my kiddos, helping me to be a better Mom, and giving all of us a bond we have never experienced. A long time ago, I "honored" her by bringing her to a luncheon spotlighting our favorte teacher, and to this day she still holds that title.

And of course, what would a happy blissful parenthood be without a nanny -- I mean, Ninny?!?
The girl loves those kids as her own, and they adore her. She, too, is more than willing to leave everything to be with them, sacrificing what little free time she has to help out. She loves my husband like a brother, and he loves her like a sister. She has become so much more than my sister -- she is my friend, one I would have chosen whether we were related or not, and I admire her beyond words. (See Mom, we told you we'd get along when we grew up!)

I totally realize that my writing falls short of properly honoring these 3 women and doesn't even come close to saying what is in my heart, but it's the best I can do, so they'll just have to live with it.


Anonymous said...

Kiss ASS!! I know you think you are "PC" aka Perfect Child (as we call it in my family) because you have 2 really cute & funny kids but I am sure LeeAnne or Jennifer already have that title and no matter how much ass you kiss in your blog, it isn't working. :)

(LeeAnne and Jennifer you can send the check in the mail) :)

Lyndsey in LA

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Who, me??? pshaw, I say! Leave your twisted family politics out of this -- I'm going for Best Daughter EVER,thank you!

And come visit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lyndsey Bear, you are correct...about Amy that is trying sooo hard to gain a little sunshine in my parents eyes! But ALAS I claimed the title of favorite child MANY years ago!

P.S. Check is on the way!