Saturday, January 21, 2006

Listy listy list list list

When you see me at my daughter's 8 am basketball game tomorrow with bloodshot eyes, you'll know it's because I stayed up all night to get everything done that I've needed to do on the computer the past two days.

Shawn installed wireless on New Years' Eve (which ended up completely ruining his night, btw -- the cable jack he wanted to use was dead; You'da thought his dog died), so now our pc isn't working right, and I'm having to wait till he gets home to get online.

Thy name is Technology; I am your bitch.

Best part? There has been an unusually large amount of material that I've had to save till now -- I'm just gonna list 'em for ya. If you want me to elaborate on a list item, leave a comment; I've still got to download music, do our taxes, and shop online.

Anyway, here it is:
1. Ryan's 1st fancy-schmancy hair-cut.

2. The pest company has it out for us.

3. My trainer wants to train me for a triathalon.

4. Feverish Jax = devilish Jax.

5. Ryan may very well be the next Picasso. That, or she needs counseling.

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