Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Goddamned Basket

Yeah, I was THIS close to dropping the freakin' thing today. Between trying to harmoniously meld my 21st century "Dennis the Menace" with 3 of the most sensitive (though wonderfully sweet) kids into something other than a big ole bowl of pestilential broth, avoiding strangling Ryan when I realized she had filled her kitchen drawers with "ingredients" (read:pebbles from backyard), and trying to keep Jax-the -incredible-almost-walking baby from climbing the stairs, I should definitely receive multiple MOTY points. Not to mention the fact that I barely made it through preparing our practically-ready-made meal of frozen fish fillets, minute brown rice, and frozen spinach, due to the fact that all had to be prepared while "in character" -- we were playing sleeping beauty/snow white, natch. Nothing like juggling two pots of boiling water with one kitchen timer and the job of Evil Witch/Fairy Godmother.

BTW, I'd like to thank Nextel and their ad company for introducing my 3 yr old to dirrrty dancing. I can't get her to quit gyrating like the guy on the commercial, no matter how loud Jax chimes in.

Also? I'm nursing a big booboo, seeing as how we didn't get chosen as a finalist in any of the Best of Blogs awards categories. I really shouldn't be surprised, seeing as how I had to nominate my damn self, under the alias of my good-for-nothing -sisters who are dead to me now. Did you hear me? DEAD!! D-E-D.

Apparently, I'm not entertaining/intelligent/desperate enough to get a shout out. You should all be as offended as I am, and are welcome to join me in this evening's pity party. I'll be here, drowning my sorrows in wine, chocolate, and frozen yogurt. I'm sad, not stupid -- calories, calories! And just for the record, doctors around the world are now insisting (insisting, I say!) that we drink more red wine and eat more dark chocolate. Who am I to argue??

Anyway, the blogs who did reach FINALIST STATUS are pretty damn good**. Go one over and give 'em a read.
**I'm not really this nice, it's all about the karma.


Anonymous said...

Amy I am only commenting bc I feel sorry for your lame a**! I think that your blog is very entertaining and it keeps me posted on the babies! You can whine and bitch as much as you want but there is nothing you can say that will make me think they are anything but ANGELS! Love YOU!

Aunt Lea Lea

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

No one likes HER very much...