Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Self-absorbed Whiner Seeks Assurance of Love Through Advice

Shawn and I had planned to start Body For Life this week, which would be fine, except Shawn keeps finding new things to disagree with, seeing as how he never actually read the book, just goes on what he vaguely remembers from when he saw me do it after having Ryan. Dieting through osmosis, I think it they call it.

So I made it through Day 1, but Day 2 is starting to piss me off, mostly because I'm hungry, and don't really want to have to stand up and cook anything right now, which is pretty much what I'd have to do.

Some may say I overdid it yesterday by cleaning, doing the dishes, laundry, etc.

Some may also say that I'm a stubborn ass who isn't taking her own health or the welfare of her kids into consideration by doing more than allowed.

Some may even say that I'm just too good a mother/wife/housekeeper to ignore my duties because of a minor injury.

I'd like to agree with the #3 somebodies, but I'm afraid that would be fraudulent, seeing as how we all know I'm just a stubborn asshole, plain and simple.

However you choose to judge me, my entire leg is now throbbing with pain, and I'm having a hard time feeling my toes.

Which brings me back to my original topic: the weight loss factor. I don't care if this bores you, it's what on my mind right now, so shut it. Please.

Okay, so the quickest way for me to lose weight would be to combine a healthy diet with a workout regimen, or so Richard Simmons says, and anyone who can stay famous this long with that 'fro has to be doing something right.

Fine, but I'm not going to be working out any time soon, so should I put it all off until my foot is healed, which would take less time the more I stay off it, meaning NO STANDING TO COOK DIET FOODS, oooorrrrr, should I stay on diet so that at least I'm doing something while laid up?

I know, right up there with global economics and world peace, but could you please take the 2 minutes it takes to register and leave a comment for your poor fat injured friend? For the love of God, am I not ALWAYS ready to let you know what I think? Couldn't you just once repay the favor????

Meanwhile, the kids are fine, Shawn is fine, blah, blah, blah...


chichimama said...

I would vote diet while trying to recouperate, no point going back to ground zero. But then again, I love to cook, diet food or no diet food.

I did think Body for life was over the top though. Much bigger fan of WW. But my husband swears by body for life. I just thought the food was way too bland.

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Ah, yes. WW. My mom and sisters swear by it, but doesn't it cost $$ to get the food and stuff? Not so good here, although I think they do have those point cards, perhaps I could mooch...

BFL is a tad drastic, but man, I loved those free days when I could eat anything!!!!

ginger said...

My dear D-I-L; I'm going to send you all my WW stuff. It worked for me!, But, then again, that was MANY years ago....You don't have to spend a lot on WW either, just learn to shop & eat sensibly. (Easier said than done,right?!?)
You need to quit pushing yourself, & tell my son to get off his ass and vacuum. Listen to your M-I-L.

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Aw, thanks Ginger-la. Actually, your son DID get off his ass yesterday and he actually vacuumed the entire house! You must have done something right...;)