Sunday, January 22, 2006

Same story, different day

Where do I start? We got Jax's fever on Thursday under control, which was great because it made room for the Explosive Diarrhea on Saturday. And yes, the capitalization is very appropriate.

Fever or no, Mommy needed a haircut so we all piled in the car to take Ry to the Y for babysitting, only to find that Mommy had once again been caught with her head up her ass, trying to drop her kid off at 2pm, when the Kids Gym doesn't ever open until 4. Whatever. We all piled back into the car and headed over to the salon, accompanied by many apologies to both Ryan and my hairdresser. Luckily, he is wonderful, gave Ryan her first PROFESSIONAL haircut (see pics here), and we left with Ryan having only spilled one cup of water on the receptionist desk -- all in all, a very good outing.

Friday morning began like a breeze -- kids up & happy, then off to the Y to lift some weights and meet with my trainer. However, he told me doesn't want me to start doing ANY exercise for 3 more weeks, so although I would normally jump at the opportunity to slotherize myself, I have already been doing so for the past month and am ready to get moving. I felt better about it, though, after I went to the store and bought chocolate ice cream, oreo cookies, and cheesecake. What?!? I'm having company this weekend...

After that, we pretty much hung out at home for the remainder of Friday, which wasn't that much fun for Ryan, judging by the previously posted Evil Picture she created while cooped inside the house all day.

I then proceeded to stay up until 3 am trying to get something - anything - done on Shawn's computer, which has become quite the trying task. Linksys has essentially ruined my life. I can't connect to half the websites I need to, and the other ones take 5 minutes to load a single page. So, taxes and iPod filling are out, as well as uploading pics. Swell.

Saturday morning kicked me in the teeth when I hurriedly jostled the kids out of the house by 7:30am (HELLO -- we don't usually come downstairs until 7:30!!). Coupled with a last minute bout of flying poo and my all-nighter, this was an excruciating task. All was quickly made better, though; we arrived (ON TIME) at Ryan's first basketball game, only to find that she was playing soccer instead. Don't ask.

Either way, the kid ROCKED -- kicking the ball like a champ, hustling down to the other team's goal... just not at the same time. However, she did make the most and best goal attempts of any kid on her team, which is not saying much, seeing as how the majority of her team was up in the stands with the parents. She only paused once for a Princess-inspired song, when she was sent to the bench in order to give the other 2 playing teammates a chance. It was a very Grease-like moment; a real cross between Sandy's lamenting ballad at the drag race and Rizzo's sad pity-me-and- my- quasi-whorish -ways song. At one point, she even put her head in her hand, turned toward the wall, and slowly laid down on the bench, then burst back up, hands and head towards the heavens in some sort of finale. Soooo worth the 8 am call time.

The rest of the morning was spent driving to an fro, then sleeping in the car, as the kids had fallen asleep, we were early for our movie date with our friends, and Mommy's not as young as she used to be (read:bone-tired). I'm certain the mall-goers had fun with that one. Anyway, we got to the movie(Hoodwinked, if you must know), and that's when Jax's Explosive Diarrhea really reared it's ugly - head? rear? - 3 times. Needless to say, I quite literally spent the entire movie either in the bathroom or on the way to the bathroom, and finally enlisted the help of Ninny who came to pick up Jax and take him home so Ryan andI could stay and enjoy the rest of the movie. Ryan was very grateful, seeing as how the moment I sat down after sending Jax off, she announced she had to go potty again ( this would make the 4th time). I'm not at all sure what the movie was about, though judging by Andy Dick's performance as a seemingly homosexual evil rabbit (the only part I actually saw), I'm sure it was quite smashing.

The trip to the mall wasn't entirely wasted -- I did pick up some great deals at Bath and Body Works' clearance sale (poo-covered jeans are no match for Amy's desire to get stuff cheap).

That evening, I was sooo looking forward to an early night, and sure enough Ryan and I were tucked away and sleeping by 8:30pm... and then we were up again at 3:30am when she awoke ON FIRE. Seriously, the kid had a 102 degree fever. So we dealt with that all night, and this morning, and this afternoon, and this evening... She says she's feeling better now, which is good, 'cause we're almost out of meds. I even made an emergency trip to the store this morning to get more meds, as well as that trusty lactobacillus stuff we used to have a never-ending supply of when Ry was a baby and permanently on antibioics.

Shawn just went to work out at the gym, Ry is watching Elf and playing evil Princesses/Barbies, Jax is crawling around here somewhere, and I'm post-poning making dinner.

Finally, things are back to normal.

P.S. Congrats on the pregnancy, Chaika!!!

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