Friday, January 27, 2006

The Funny

Damn you Disney, and your let's- get- married, happily-ever-after endings. Not that I have anything against the sanctity of marriage, I'm just a tad concerned with my 3 year-old's obssession with said institution.

When I find myself reassuring her that someone will want to marry her (after listening to her lament otherwise for a good 20 minutes), when I have to steer her away from the weddding cakes at the local bakery, when I hear her in the playroom reciting the entire wedding ceremony, from the Wedding March to the "Man and Wife", it's hard to think the whole thing hasn't gone too far.

The best part is that now she insists she is going to marry Harry Potter, even after we relentlessy try to convince her that he is not an actual real person. Her disbelief may actually be our doing, seeing as how one night in Chili's we saw a young boy who was quite literally Harry's spitting image, convinced her that it was HIM, and then had a server ask him if he would play along and shake her hand, sign an autograph, etc. (It got so bad that he eventually began hiding behind his menu, in a desperate attempt to escape her fixated stare. Poor thing.) I never thought it would go so far as marriage, though. It's a long, long road we have ahead of us people. A long, long road.

On a somewhat lighter note, Jax no longer looks like Viktor Yushchenko's long lost son.


Anonymous said...

You better start saving now if she's already talking about her wedding. Y'all are in for a rude awakening and you know she is gonna have to have the biggest and best. hahaha

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Whatever! If we were able to piece together our wedding for under 2 grand, she can damn well do it, too! Besides, if she does marry Harry Potter, I'm sure the insane asylum will pay for part of the bill, right???