Monday, February 18, 2008

The View from Up Here

We've reached the mountain top with Jaxson, and it feels FABULOUS!!!

It's like all this time we've been clawing and dragging each other where we wanted to be, unable to see where we were going. Then we let go -- of our expectations, of our demands, and we listened for what we couldn't see. We stopped everything and just payed attention.

And just like that, the clouds cleared and we saw the peak and slowly we've been working together to reach the top. Jax is sleeping through the night again, and although he still has terrible tantrums that include much sratching and more hair-pulling, it's easier to see what triggers them and how to avoid doing so.

I'm certain that there is another valley waiting for us, but I know now that the trials create the triumphs, if we can learn to let them.

We're still wading through the mud with Ryan -- lots of "I hate's", pouting, "No fair's!" and all that goodness, but she's been more conditioned to this behavior by us than Jax has, so our journey with her will take little longer, but I know it will be worth the wait.

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