Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Potty Train-athalon 2008

Am training for the Danskin in June. Using the term "training" severely loosely, of course.

In honor of that, and mostly because I woke up to a house, garage, and car all without diapers this morning. Yes, I checked.

Brilliant idea came to me as I was rifling for magical self-appearing diaper in Jax's top drawer when I came across a pair of Thomas underpants so graciously given to me by my (sniff,sniff) long-distance partner in crime (hey ang.). My brain went, "Why not?" and Jax took one look at Thomas and knocked over the couch, coffee table and Lola in his mad dash to retrieve them from me.

So we're potty-training.

As organic as that. No calenders, no schedules, just, hey, mommy didn't get enough diapers at the store -- wanna try something new? Normally I would have quaked at the idea of the mess, but I'm dealing with Dog Doo left and right, so what's a little human fecal matter thrown in?

4 pee incidents and one ball-o-poo later and it's 4:30 pm, have just left Walgreens with pull-ups in hand, breathing fragrant sigh of relief.

Before the yelling commences, no I am not giving up or sloughing my duties as #1 Follow-thruer. You didn't get the memo? It's my new thing. Following through. Should be very reassuring for those I currently do volunteer work/projects for. Anyway, as it says above, this is a Train-athalon.

Pacing is essential.

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