Friday, February 1, 2008

I lecture because I love...

YOU. All of you. So listen up!!

Turns out, using hot tap water to cook with or drink is another easy way to consume...LEAD!!!

Egads! I, for one, need nothing more added to my life to encourage mental health problems, nor do my babies who surely have inherited enough of their own.

Check out all the nasty details here.

I, for one, will be using cold cold water to make this for my sick kiddo who is staying home from school today with a 103 degree fever.

Sick on what she has dubbed "the greatest day of my life" (read: Hannah Montana 3d Movie Day).

Oh Murphy, you skanky whore -- you and your Law have struck AGAIN!!!!

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redpolkadotsgirl said...

and Kreg wonders why we buy bottled water to use.

in other scary related water stories, it never good when you brother comes over and says they were testing different waters in chemisty class for chemicals and chlorine and we are better off to never drink the water that comes out of our facet. he said it was pretty gross and disgusting.

so much for having public water.