Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

To you and you and YOU!! Have a blast voting (if my state was holding their primary, I'd be out supporting CHANGE), and gobble up all the decadent food and drink available -- we've got a long 40 days ahead of us!!

I haven't decided what I'm giving up for Lent yet, but I'm thinking it will be something along the lines of the concept of "I". I'd like to be able to let go of my association with my ego, that wild & crazy guy that's wreaked havoc on my soul for so many years.

Giving up "I" isn't as easy as you might think -- all things associated with "I" must go as well -- like "Mine, Me, My, Myself..." And just like my favorite 2 yr old knows, the hardest of those to release will be MINE.

But what wonderful results will surely be waiting around that bend -- when greed is gone, I won't be afraid, I won't be jealous, I won't hold tightly to those things that mean nothing to my being. And should I fail? Ahh, therein lies the greatness and ultimate purpose of this season of cleansing -- the value is in the effort; the knowledge that something fundamental needs to change, and that ultimately "I" am not the change -- He is. Just that reminder alone is a step in a better direction.

Too heavy? Let me put it this way: For the next 40 days, I'm going to try really really hard not to get mad at the kids when they barf on MY favorite pillow (like Jax last night), to not feel simmering irritation when Shawn leaves his clothes for ME to pick up, to not curse the driver at the intersection who takes his turn before me when clearly it's MINE, to not want to shoot daggers at those who think that everything I have just said is wrong, stupid, or naive.

Even when that person is Me, Myself and I.

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