Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No one like Ninny!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINNY!! Technically, her birthday was yesterday, and no I didn't forget; as a matter of fact, I cooked up her Fave Dinner, by request, the kids picked out an Oreo birthday cake, we all talked about how much we love her, took turns making atrocious faces at each other, and then Jax started shking his booty, yelling, "Spank it Daddy! Spank it!"

That's just how we roll.

I am late on this post, though, but had to follow through none-the-less because of 3 reasons.

#1: That's me (aka "Skeletor") on the left and she (aka "Dimples") on the right.
#2: Here's Ninny just seconds later in a straddle-hold quite similar to the one I use to give Jax his inhaler treatment.
#3: And just because I'd hate for Lea Ann to feel left out...
In case you're wondering which one is me, I'd be the Albino in the middle missing facial features altogether.
Hppy Birthday Ninn!!!

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