Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is much better

Right. So I was all ready to sit down and detail the wretched sick day I spent with Jax yesterday -- the fevers, the wheezing, the doctor drama (Binky is BACK!! Doc uses lame excuse to show off her iPhone, while instructing me on the correct vise grip to use on Jax when administering treatment with his new inhaler), the naps at 2 and at 4 and at 6. The fasting. Oh, the fasting.

But just as I sat down to type, Jax zeroed in on my location, began begging for a "peabutter spoon", crawled onto the back of my chair, slid head-first down my back and declared: "I see you butt! I see you butt!.... You butt stink!!"

He's feeling much better today, thanks.

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