Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Your Wait Has Ended

So as we were waiting for the garage mechanics to figure out how much money they would try to steal from us, I walked the kids over to get their hair cut. Check out the new 'dos:

Not even SuperCuts can mess up God-given perfection.

The sad, sad look on Shawn's face at seeing Ryan's new grown-up look was a little like this:

Not to be confused with Jax's "I just got scolded, and now I'll make her pay" look:

Speaking of making me pay, I'm THIS close to writing to SuperNanny about the way Jaxson just won't


We have NO idea what his issue is. Obviously he comes from a loving, nurturing household. Why the hell won't he STFU??

One of my theories is that he's a little frustrated with his paradox of a father. As seen here in Evidence A -- Shawn, Mr. "I am MAN. ARGH ARGH ARGH", caught playing with a BARBIE.

What's a little boy to do?
"I just can't quit you, Dad!"
(Sorry, couldn't stop myself)

Granted, I'm sure I could be a little better in the "Mother" department. I suppose I could stop letting him smoke the MaryJane. At least not before breakfast.

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