Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Walk This Way

OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod!

Slap my mouth and call me Fred, I just witnessed Jaxson walk across my bedroom by himself, without prompting, without falling, just for the hell of it, 'cause he can, holy shit.

This is, of course, typical Jax. We've been prodding, begging, pleading with him the past couple of weeks to start walking, and while he has managed to show a few baby steps here and there, what he just did was unprecedented in the world of Jaxson Thomas.

And did I mention it like JUST happened? 4:10 pm, to be exact.

Here I was, literally sitting at the computer, wishing something exciting/interesting/funny would happen so I could post something, and VOILA!

I'm just flabbergasted right now. Gob-smacked, jolly-knockered, flat-out amazed.

Now I can't get him to do anything but roll around, but let me just recount the big event step by step.

First of all, let me just say that the whole thing was done while holding my cell phone and a toy barbie wedding cake, and resembled something akin to tight-rope walking.

He stood; confident in his balance, step step step...whhoooaaa...wiggle wobble, hands still up straight in the air, still holding his accessories, and we're walking, we're walking, we're -- uh uh uh uh bam! Mission accomplished.

I do not care even one little bit how boring and lame this may have been for you all to read, I am so hyped up right now -- this means soon I'll be able to stop carrying his chunky ass around everywhere I go!

Can I get an AMEN???


Anonymous said...

Is Chunky Ass really appropriate! He is a growing boy and you need to stop with the comments bc you might give him a complex! I am so excited that he can walk now! Give him a kiss from his favorite Aunt(Lea Lea)!

Lisa said...

AMEN!!!! Now you get to child proof the house even MORE. Can't wait for more stories now that he is walking... This is going to be fun :)

Anonymous said...