Monday, April 17, 2006

Ryan Remarks, pt. 734

It's only 8 am and already she's slapped two doozies on me.

The first came around 1 am this morning. As a set-up, let me explain the current sleeping situation. Since none of our previous tricks have worked in regards to getting her to sleep the whole night thru in her bed, I have resorted to bribing her with money. I prefer to think of it as "rewarding", but whatever. So, for every night she sleeps the whole night in her bed, she receives a dollar to do what she wants with. Currently, she's "focused" (ha.hahaha) on saving up for a new Snow White Barbie (the only one she does not currently own*huge eye roll*).

So anyway, around 1 am she comes to my side of the bed, wakes me up and says: "Mom, I think I have enough dollies. I'm just gonna go ahead and sleep on your floor now." Who am I to argue with that? What sane person would tell their 4 yr old that they in fact DO NOT have enough toys, and please try to work towards buying another item to junk up the house? Aye.

Then, just 5 minutes ago, after seeing the pic of her and me that I put in her new picture frame, she says, "Mom, I was really wanting to put a different picture in here."

"What picture do you want?"

"One of Daddy."

"Ry, you already have framed pics of you and Daddy."

"But I need another one so I can always remember his face all the days of my life."

This is where I just went ahead and gave up.

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