Monday, April 10, 2006

You really haven't lived...

...until you've wakened your children at 5 am to take Daddy to have his colonoscopy done. No amount of sippy cups, dvd's, binkies and random bribes could get those kids to sit quietly for 5 straight minutes.

All I could think about were all those poor people coming in to have this procedure done, attempting to stay calm while my kids run, scream, jump and cough all over the place. I could see I was getting furtive glances from many a patient, but no one dared say a word to me -- that is, not until they saw me packing up our stuff to walk the kids outside. Then it was all, "Can I help you with that?"

My favorite part was in the recovery area, where flanked by bursts of flatulance, Ryan felt the need to keep a running commentary: "Oops! Somebody FARTED! Stinky! OOh! There's another one..."

I still can't understand why she and I were the only ones laughing...

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