Friday, April 21, 2006

Favorite New Pasttime

How's this for fun?

Our local grocery store received flood damage in this week's storms, and instead of just closing up, they rallied on, securing staffers to actually shop for the customers.

For once on the other end of the short-order stick, I took advantage and had a little fun, sending several staffers scurrying about looking for precise items, only to inform them as sickeningly sweetly as possible that what they had just spent 15 minutes seraching for was actually the wrong product, and could they please go back, oh and check the price differences while they're back there? Thanks so much.

Masochist? Maybe, but at least I stopped short of sending them to the feminine hygiene section to look for lady-products and "ribbed-for-her-pleasures". And trust me, I was sooo close.

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