Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dear Mother-In-Law,

You know how I'm always making fun of you and your weird hippie obssession with Austin's Bat colony?
Um, well, sorry.
Now that I've apologized, could you help me develop a similar (smaller) colony in my backyard? To take care of the mosquitoes? You know, 'cause apparently Jax is allergic. To mosquitoes. In Texas.
That'd be great, thanks! Your Fave (okay, only) D-I-L

Found out this valuable little nugget of info today after waiting hours in the ER, praying he was not suffering from a Brown Recluse bite. Hey, when you're up against that possibility, you'll take an allergic reaction to mosquito bites any day.

BTW? 2nd ER visit for Jax in the past 4 days. He spiked a 103.5-ish fever Saturday afternoon. Just a dual ear infection, no real reason to have to drive 30 minutes and pay $100. Especially since there was nothing we could do about it that we hadn't already be doing.

Kinda like today only with extra mileage.


Ginger said...

Dear One-and-Only Fave D-I-L,
I KNEW y'all would come around to my way of thinking on something! Those weird hippie ways come in handy sometimes;) I would be honored to get a bat house and put it up in your backyard. The bats will probably be the ONLY pets Shawn will let the kids have. Jax is a perfect little clone of Shawn, who was allergic to mosquito bites and developed terrible infections from them. He also unscrewed everything, and dug in the garbage---constantly! Major Deja Vu............ See ya next week-end! Ginga

Anonymous said...

You could always move to AZ...no mosquitos here!

Lyndsey said...

Or you could be in Louisiana where the mosquito is the state bird!!!!! They are gi-normous!!

J said...

Yes, the summer mascot of TX, the dear old mosquito. What did I say, summer? Year round mascot. Hope next week brings zero ER visits.