Friday, April 28, 2006

Things that make you go...

HMMM..... (for you, Shah)

Jax has a new little quirk where he sticks his finger into his mouth with every bite of food you give him, jabbing at the inside of his cheek, and then sucking off everything but the skin (though that, too may soon follow).

In related news, who wants to spin the Wheel of Wellness, or Guess What Jax Has This Week? Okay, here ya go, give it a big push...round and round it goes, where it stops .....oh fuck it. Ear infections? Check. Pink Eye (again? possibly). Check. Allergies? Check. Teething? Don't make me laugh.

As far as Ryan is concerned, it's her nerves that are ailing her.

When asked just 30 minutes ago where she would prefer to have her slumber party with moi tonight (what? all the cool kids are doing it), she selected the pull-out bed downstairs as opposed to Mommy and Daddy's bed. Why?

"Cause Daddy gets on my nerves. He's always pushing me and turning me and just, like, always getting on my nerves. (Sigh) He just gets on my nerves."

God, Shawn. The least you could do when your four-yr-old crawls into bed with you every night is let her do whatever the hell she wants, man. It's not like you have to be up at an ungodly hour or anything. It's not like sleep is a precious commodity not to be taken for granted. It's not like we got the King-size bed for us. Sheesh.

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