Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Passion of the Mommy

Shame on me for not posting for such a long time! But don't worry, I've been suffering just the right amount of guilt over it, Thank You Very Much.

Forgive me again, but this particular post needs to be short. Lots to do, not enough time.....

So Jax turned 1 on Friday -- WooHoo! The best part is that he now has his 2 top teeth coming in AT THE SAME TIME -- Woo Hoo, no? not even a Woo? Okay, so he's a little late. I prefer to call it INDIVIDUALITY.

He's also learned to "kiss", which is the cutest damn thing you have ever seen, his little wet slimy mouth coming at you open wide, while he yells "aaahhhh". Ry hates it, "It's all wet!", but Shawn and I just can't get enough.

We spent his birthday in Port Neches, which isn't where I'd thought we'd be doing the One Year Anniversary thing, but our presence was needed, so we complied.

Honey is quite near the end. No good way to say it, and Pappy is alone. So Mom and I took the kids to cheer him up and get at least one last visit with her. It's really too much for me to discuss, so I'm gonna stop now.

The car trip was HORRIBLE, but mostly because Jax is teething. Did I mention that already?

There were some great moments, though, like when Jax up and slapped the EMS guy who was holding him at the nursing home, oogling over his cuteness. Then there was the incredibly massive, Disney-stature playscape castle that Mom and Pappy took Ryan to play in (pics to come). Finally, we ended with my kiddos dancing around to Pappy's band playing "Big Mamou" (sp?) - you know, the Cajun theme song - at the local KofC Fish Fry. At least they've got the blood in there somehwere.

Easter Bunny has delivered cheap Walgreens gifts, complete with confetti eggs which I now have to go clean up.

Happy Easter!!!!

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