Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tales from the Crib

So many stories, so little writing ability.

Let's see, would you like to hear the one about Jesus calling our house last night? What about Jax's new slam-dance dinner manners? There's always the one where Ryan pretends to be Tinkerbell and almost kills her brother...hmmm....

...OOH! What about the story where Ryan lead a pack of kids around the 1st floor of the library today in search of Santa Claus, interrupting both a Chamber of Commerce meeting and a private meeting with the sherriff and the mayor?

There's always the one about Jaxson crawling over and on top of moms and kids alike at storytime (while yelling), as his MOTY could only look on in dismay because she was stuck directly underneath the movie projector and, you, know, didn't want to disrupt anyone. else.

Or we could go with the one about Ryan's pushing debacle at the Y.

Like I said, so many stories...

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elisa said...

Can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to hear some of these teaser stories you have listed here! What drudgery life would be if it weren't for my next door neighbors!