Sunday, February 12, 2006

"I'm old now, Peter..."

"...far more than twenty." -- Wendy, Peter Pan

Anyone who elects to spend their 25th birthday with me, Menana and Ryan at Cathy Rigby's fairwell performance of Peter Pan deserves an entire post. And dammit, that's just what she's gonna get!

Congrats Ninny! Can you believe it's been an entire quarter-of-a-century? Do you know how many other things were born 25 years ago? Allow me to enlighten you:

Luke and Laura were married on General Hospital. Knowing your fetish with "the stories", I know you'll be excited to about that one. The other marriage of the year? Charles & Di. Did either of these unions last 25 years? Nope. But you did...

What else has lasted as long as ye old dinosaur? *ahem*:

Nutra Sweet

Other trends that went the way of the above happy couples?

You Can't Do That On Television, although somehow Alanis is still around.
Jellies. Oh. God.
The Smurfs. Truly, the greatest loss of all.

And some 1981 songs I'd like to dedicate to my baby sis?

Bette Davis Eyes
Don't Stop Believin'
Super Freak

Okay. That's pretty much all I could steal from Vh1, but here are a few more flashbacks with a more personal touch:

Remember that time I sat on you and peed? Damn, that was funny.
How about when Lea and I used to play cheerleader with you, throw you in the air, and then walk away? Again, classic.
Ooh Ooh! How much did you love it when I forced you to play "Cooking With Kiki" in the bathroom mirror? Or Kids Incorporated on the swimming pool steps?

Ahhhh, yes. Good times. Good times. I can see now why you wish you were young again.

P.S. You do know this is all payback for saying that at 25 you are "too young to be a mom", right?


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