Thursday, February 2, 2006

Mother F*cker

So here's what happened: my sisters and I, trying to do something extra-special for the parental units on their 30th anniversary, scheduled a weekend trip for them to San Francisco, the destination of their honeymoon 30 years ago.

Not-so-unusually, they decided 2 days wasn't long enough for such a big trip, and could we please send them to Galveston instead?

We should be thrilled, yes? Half the money, all the happiness, blah, blah, blah.

Please, have you met me? No no, I had to get all selfish and huffish and call Mom ON HER BIRTHDAY, not to send warm wishes, but to demand, "what the hell is the deal?"

Long short, I made the woman cry. On her birthday.

And now I'm going to hell.

I'll just say it for you: "Amy, WHY can't you be more like your SISTERS????"

While I ruminate on that one, I've got to go order flowers from "the kids".

When you see Menana today, give her an extra-big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish, and then please send your condolences to her for having a daughter who is such a freakin' dick.


Anonymous said...

You didn't ruin mom's birthday. You were just looking out for Mom and her happiness, you just used a bit of emotion... Now I agree you should try to be more like your sisters (me in particular), but not everyone can be perfect. Love you lots!!

Anonymous said...

Once again back to trying to be PC aka perfect child. Please give it up!!!

LeeAnne & jennifer let me know if you need my mailing address.

Lyndsey :)

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

yeah, i scored big in the PC department with that one!