Wednesday, February 8, 2006

PMS Strikes the Pre-K Crowd

You know how when some kid hurts your kid's feelings and you want to be all, "yeah, well I hear they like to pick their nose and eat their boogers", but you can't because you're the "adult", so instead you have to come up with some After-School Special mantra like "turn the other cheek, blah blah blah", because that's what "adults" are supposed to say? Yeah, that sucks.

No big deal, Ryan's probably being sensitive, but it took all I had not to stick my toungue out and laugh at them. Of course I didn't, but if some bigger kid ever coerces Ryan to unknowingly stand in a pile of fire ants and then brings the other kids around to laugh at her while she tries to frantically rid herself of the blinding-pain-bringers, I swear to God, I will shoot the finger and spread the most horrendous rumors from which said kid will NEVER RECOVER.

What? I was a gullible kid and still carry some scars -- sue me. Just don't screw with my babies.

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Anonymous said...

I will KILL any little piss ant that attempts to harm my babies! And I don't care what anybody thinks about it!