Friday, February 10, 2006

Nutshell, If You Please

Very well, then. To bring you up to speed, Shawn is suffering from Acutely Severe Chronic Sinus Infectionitis. More or less. The ENT called his Xrays "impressive", meaning he was impressed that Shawn was still up and about, functioning as a normal human, giving the severly compacted nature of his sinus cavities.

What to do, what to do? He's been prescribed Steroids and Antibiotics -- the drugs of choice in the York household. However thoughtful! Let's all hope they work, because should they fail Shawn faces surgery. Good Lord, can you imagine? That man having 2 operations within the course of 1 month? The Earth would surely spontaneously combust!

On the other side of town, it is dreadfully glum outside, so the children and I have spent the day thus far playing at the Y (they played; I hid out in the sauna, locker room, bathroom stalls, etc until the nannies finally found me to demand I take my bugger of a son), Mc Donalds (wherein I allowed Jaxson but not Ryan to play without socks. I know-- I'm a contradiction within myself; An enigma, if you will), and finally we ended with Nanny McPhee, a cheeky take on the bloody art of child-rearing and marrying for money. This would explain my annoying use of the English language in this post, as well as the random spattering of such decidedly British phrases as "bloody", "bugger", and "very well, then."

Hopefully this, too, shall pass, though Ryan is thoroughly enjoying referring to me as "Nanny McFeeve", and every time I do the accent, Jax squeals with delight. It's as if Normal Mommy (stop with the laughter, please) just isn't good enough for the bloody little buggers. Very well, then, I'll be on my bike; or rather, they can get on their's!

(Did I get that one right, UK readers?)

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