Tuesday, February 7, 2006


For your grossification pleasure, this week we bring you (drumroll, please)...

HERPANGINA. My favorite part is the pus-filled sores. Gives me a hankerin' for some vanilla custard, know what I mean? I especially liked the way "doc" tried to make me feel better by insisting that it "is NOT Herpes, despite the way the name sounds." Yeah, 'cause I didn't have enough to worry about.

Poor, poor pus-filled- sore-covered Jaxson. Not only does he have to endure living with me as a mother, contriving RSV, ear infections, a horrendous rash, undescended testes, severe dehydration AND the rotovirus, but now we've taken away the ONE pleasure in his miserable little life: eating. He hates to have you feed him, and that breaks my heart more than anything. Mostly because that was my go-to when he was upset, the stalwart in my bag of tricks. Ahh yes, poor, poor Mommy. Yep. That's more like it.

As for Ryan, she was suffering at her Biddy Ball game (for Christ's sake, can we please just call it what it is? Indoor Madness Disguised as Soccer for Pre-schoolers. Don't let the "biddy" bit fool ya.) on Saturday due to the late-nite barf-fest with Emma the night before. Nevertheless, we did get some cute pics:

Feel free to view the rest here.

Shawn's been holed up in a fancy-schmancy restaurant this week for their annual "meeting", to which I say "Bah. Hum bug."

Just to be sure he wasn't having too much fun, the kids and I dropped in on him this morning to inform him of the viral pus-filled sores, et al. Just to give him something else to think about while feasting on steak and such. Watch, tonite he'll come home complaining of a sore throat. I bet my life on it.

Meanwhile, rather than do the obligatory "housework", I opted to make some super sweet tees for the kids yesterday. I'll take pics and post them later.

I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

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