Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just when you think you're golden, it turns out you're merely mustard-yellow

Ryan's game at 8 am this morning had us all shuffling bleary-eyed, trying to brush teeth, hair, etc, bright and early (read: before the sun). The game went as well as can be expected of a game of "soccer" played by 3 year old's, and afterwards we ventured to Cracker Barrel (or like Ry says, "Barrel of Crackers") for breakfast and scolding by old ladies. (We really shouldn't let Ryan pick up the toys Jax drops on the floor and hand them back to him. At least not without licking them off first. And yes, they should call CPS if they think this is the worst thing we do.)

Finally we managed to get the kids home and were so very excited at the prospect of naptime. Jax had already zonked out in the car, and surely Ry wanted to sleep -- she chose home over shopping, for the love of Nancy.

Ry opted for a movie, and Jax remarkably went down like a lead brick. The lag time between me putting him down and jumping into bed was like 5.6 seconds -- I know this kid, surely he would only be down for a mere 20, 30 minutes. I wanted to get in while the getting was good. My fearless counterpart had already reached snore status.

Can you even believe it? Jaxson Thomas slept for 2 1/2 hours. Holy Freakin' Mother of all that is Holy and Freakin'. God does love me.

Oh, hang on a sec -- never mind.

11 am: What's that, Ry? You want a new movie? *grrr* okay, done -- 'night!

11:15: What? you're bored? Take a nap, or play quietly in your room. We're trying to sleep and I don't want you to wake your bro.

11:20: I SAID QUIETLY!!!!!

11:30: Christ, Ryan, what now? Yes, I will come help you wipe. Those pancakes didn't sit so well, eh? That's okay, baby, just go play and stay quiet! (said in the MOST lovingly manner, I assure you).

11:40: Huh? *sniff sniff* What the ...? Good God, is that shit? all over you? Why is it on your eyelid? And your back? Where are your panties? Bless your heart. c'mon...don't wake Dad, and don't. touch. anything.

Lucky for her, Can't Buy Me Love AND Troop Beverly Hills were both on tv, so all was forgiven.

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